About Womanathon

Gear up to celebrate the women of your life. Dedicate your run to show her your love.

What is Womanathon?

Womanathon is an initiative to get the Men to celebrate the Women of their lives.
Your mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter. It could be any relationship. But its the woman that completes you. RUN with your woman. Show her you love her. If she is unable to run with you. RUN for her. Dedicate your effort to saluting her presence in your life. With celebration, pledge to RESPECT Woman. TODAY. The people who can do most to improve the situation of so many women and girls are in fact MEN. It is in their hands to STOP violence towards Women. RUN cause you RESPECT. Womanathon is contributing to treat diseases in women & girls.

Are you ready to run the womanathon?

Show your respect to womanhood by registering for Womanathon!



On this occasion of women's day Lets run together to stop the violence towards women.

Venues and Timings

Lets put an end to violence against woman

By taking part in womanathon you are supporting the cause to end violence towards woman. And also you are contributing to treat diseases in women and girls.


There is a women behind every man's success!

Show her how much she means to you. Run for your women or along with her in this marathon.



The awesome sponsors of Womanathon 2015!


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